Our Team

Connect with the executive team who're driving the Empasco mission

Waheed Rahman

Co-Founder at Empasco

Waheed has spent a decade+ in technology, government, product-building, angel investing, advisory and story-telling. Get in touch for a chat on topics that are of mutual interest, partnerships, advisory & investment opportunities too.

Mohammed Syed

Director at Empasco

With over 15 years of experience in data and digital transformation across different sectors, Mohammed helps organisations leverage data as a strategic asset and enable them to achieve their business goals through data strategy, architecture, engineering, management, analytics, ML/AI, and cloud. He is passionate about innovation, cultural change, thought leadership, and developing young people. He is also a recognised thought leader and contributing author to O’Reilly.

Kazi Mahir Ashab

Operations Manager at Empasco

With over half a decade's commitment, Mahir spearheads project delivery and directs Empasco's media division. He's been leading Empasco's content generation and research initiatives focusing on outreach and due-diligence for the investment advisory arm. Currently producing the Innovation Civilization Podcast - Empasco's flagship media product and advancing conversations with tech startups in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East.