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Our extensive network includes world-famous technologists, deep-tech founders, VCs, policy makers, multiple-NY times best-selling authors, heads of governments and development economists who think deeply about formulating the key elements required to build functional public and private institutions

A picture of the youngest partner of LocalGLobe, Ash Arora
Ep-25 on the past & future of AI

Toby Coppel

-Cofounder & Partner at Mosaic Ventures
Venture Building, Technology Investments,  Machiner Learning, Aritificial Intelligence

A picture of the youngest partner of LocalGLobe, Ash Arora
Ep-24 on building businesses in the era of Web3 & AI

Ash Arora

-Partner at LocalGlobe
Trading & Blockchain, Web3 Applications, Entrepreneurship, Investment, Tech Advisory

A picture of the tech billionaire and investor, Christian Angermayer
Ep-23 on redesigning humanity for the future through psychedelics

Christian Angermayer

-Tech billionaire investor & Founder of Apeiron Investment Group
Entrepreneurship, Life Science, Health/Bio Tech, Investment, Tech Advisory

Author of the book, 'The Levelling'', Mike Sullivan
Ep-22 on the end of globalisation

Mike O'Sullivan

-Author of the book - "The Levelling" and Founder of Harvest Innovation Advisory, Fr. Chief Investment Officer at Credit Suisse
Globalisation, Economics, Finance, Nation-building strategies

Joseph S. nye, Former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
Ep-21 on the American century

Dr. Jospeph S. Nye

-Fr. United States Assist. Secretary of Defense and Fr. Dean at Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Policy making, International Relations, Theory of Neoliberalism

Christian De Vartavan, CEO of Projectis, Egyptologist, Tech Advisor to the Governement of UK
Ep-20 on African development

Dr. Pádraig Carmody

-Development Practice Director, Author of the book "The New Scramble for Africa"
African Political Economy, Globalisation, Development

Christian De Vartavan, CEO of Projectis, Egyptologist, Tech Advisor to the Governement of UK
Ep-19 on Egyptology, Blockchain, & AI

Dr. Christian De Vartavan

-Tech Advisor to the UK Parliament, CEO of PROJECTIS
Scientific Discovery, Egyptology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Tech Policy Advisory

Expert historian in Ottoman Science & Technology
Ep-18 on Ottoman Science & Innovation

Dr. Salim Ayduz

-Fr. Director of Heritage Department at The British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC),
Islamic Science & Philosophy, History of Ottoman Science & Technology

Bobby Healy, CEO of Mana, Drone Delivery
Ep-17 on the Future of Delivery

Bobby Healy

-CEO of Manna Drones
Entrepreneurship, Invention, Software Development, Game Development, Technology Product Development, AI-driven delivery drones

Taavi Roivas, Former Prime Minister of Estona
Ep-16 on Politics & Tech

Taavi Rõivas

-Fr. Prime Minister of Estonia
Policy Execution, AI, Cyber and E-government, Foreign and Security Policy.

Rob Reich, Professor of Political Science at Stanford University , AI ethics expert
Ep-15 on Tech Ethics & Philosophy

Rob Reich

-Prof. Political Science at Stanford University
Technology,Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, AI ethics.

Dr. Elizabeth Drayson, Professor of Medieval Spanish History at the University of Cambridge, Islamic Golden Age historian
Ep-14 on Islamic Golden Age Innovations

Dr. Elizabeth Drayson

-Sr. Lecturer at the  University of Cambridge
Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature, Cultural History, Translation Theory & Methodology.

Siim Sikkut, Former Chief Information Officer of the Estonian Governemnt, digital policy expert
Ep-13 on Building Digital-Native Nation

Siim Sikkut

-Fr. Goverment Chief Information Officer(CIO) of Estonia
Digital Governance, Government Tech Strategy & Delivery

James Robinson, author of the book "Why Nations Fail"
Ep-12 on Why Nations Fail

James Robinson

-British economist & political scientist, Best-selling author - "Why Nations Fail"
Political & Economic Development, Comparative Development, Public Policy

MArie Favereau, Professor at the Paris Nanterre Univeristy, author of the book - "The Mongols" How the Horde Changed the World" , Mongol Innovaiton
Ep-11 on Mongol Tech Innovation & Strategy

Marie Favereau

-A.Professor at Paris Nanterre University, Best Selling Author - "The Horde"
Medieval History, Oriental Archaeology, Mongol Tech & Innovation

Ep-10 on Change Management

John Kotter

-Professort of Leadership, Emeritus at Harvard Business School
Change Management, Transformational Leadership, Management Consulting

Ep-09 on China's FinTech Revolution

Richard Turrin

-Best-selling author - "Cashless" , "Innovation Lab Excellence"
FinTech Innovation, Digital Transformation, Investment Banking

Ep-08 on Climate Tech Investing

Danijel Visevic

-Founding General Partner of World Fund
Venture Capital, ClimateTech, Public Policy

Ep-07 on Ethic AI Development

Margaret Mitchell

-Founder of Ethical AI LLC, Former Co-Lead of Google AI
Artificial Intelligence, GenerativeAI, AIEthics,

sir paul collier - british economists, former world bank research director
Ep-06 on How Nations Can Get From Poverty to Prosperity

Sir Paul Collier

-Fr. World Bank Reseach Director, Professor of Economics at Oxford University
Development Economics

Ep-05 on the History of Democracy

David Stasavage

-Dean of NYU Social Sciences, Best-selling author - "The Declines & Rise of Democracy"
Political Economics, Science, & History

Ep-04 on How Apollo Space Mission Transformed the World

Charles Fishman

-Best-selling author - "One Giant Leap"
Investigative Journalism

Ep-03 on the fundamentals of Cryptocurrency

Vinay Gupta

-Launch Manager of Ethereum, CEO of Mattereum
Tech Strategy Architecture, Distributed Ledger, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain

Ep-02 on the Impact of the Industrial Revolution

Anton Howes

-Britisih Historian, Innovation Researcher at the The Entrepreaneurs Network
Economic History, Innovation of History, Industrial Revolution

Ep-01 on Urban Air Mobility

Pamir Sevincel

-Future Mobility Consultant
Aerospace, Data Science, Strategy, Urban Air Mobility