Episode Description

In this episode, we sat down with Professor Dr. Salim Ayduz, a distinguished expert in Ottoman science and technology delving into the rich tapestry of technical innovations that helped create the Ottoman Empire's 600+ year tri-continental legacy.

 In the episode, we cover:

 -the forgotten pioneers of Ottoman science & technology

-the social, political, and economic dynamics that influenced Ottoman innovation

-comparative analysis of Ottoman and Western scientific and technological progress

-challenges the empire faced in keeping pace with the changing world

Tune in to this enlightening episode that reveals the hidden chapters of Ottoman innovation, while also shedding new light on the challenges the empire faced as it navigated the currents of change across the centuries.

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 Here are the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players, you should be able to click the timestamp for the episode.

 (00:00) - Intro

 (02:15) - Professor Salim's background

 (04:10) - Origin of the Ottoman Empire and why there is a lack of information on the Ottoman innovation landscape?

 (11:44) - What is the Professor's research methodology when it comes to consuming knowledge and researching Ottoman innovation and inventions?

 (15:35) - Ottoman's contribution to astronomy and astrology

 (26:35) - Ottoman's contribution to mathematics

 (31:45) - The inception and mass adoption of gunpowder and cannons in the Ottoman era

 (36:11) - Notable innovations and inventions during the Ottoman period

 (43:59) - The socio-political dynamics that influenced the decline of Ottoman contribution to science and technology

 (50:49) - Challenges the empire faced in keeping pace with the changing world

 (57:20) - Classical books reading recommendation by Professor on Ottoman innovation

 (59:00) - Outro