Episode Description

Centuries before the official Renaissance of Europe began as we deem it, there was a part of Europe (i.e. Muslim Spain) which already begun the 'Renaissance' and made the region a powerhouse of innovation and prosperity that would go on to shape the world we live in today. A tale of technical innovations, pluralistic cohabiting of various religions, and translation of ideas that formed our modern universities/libraries today.

We uncover a part of history that is often overlooked; our host Waheed Rahman (@iwaheedo), delves into the 700-year Muslim rule in Spain - or Al-Andalus as it was called. He is joined by Dr. Elizabeth Drayson, Emeritus Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge and author of four books on medieval Spanish history who takes us on a journey through the incredible scientific, cultural, economic, and diplomatic innovations that emerged during this time.

In the episode we cover, 

-the rise of Muslim rule in Spain

-the development of science (astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, & medicine, etc.) in Muslim Spain that laid the foundations for all modern innovation and inventions

- Jewish-Muslim-Christian cohabitation and relations in Muslim Spain.

- The 'Golden Age for the Jews' and the tale of Jewish Viziers (Prime ministers) of Islamic emirates

- The Arabic-to-Latin translation movement 

- Lessons from 'Convivencia'  for the contemporary world 

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems of history and showcase the incredible innovations that have shaped our world today.

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Here are the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players, you should be able to click the timestamp for the episode. 

(00:00) - Intro

(03:15) - The emergence of Islamic Spain or Al-Andalus

(06:07) - The historical significance of the region

(07:49) - Exchange of Knowledge: Golden age of Jews under Muslims

(16:28) - The contribution of Islamic Spain to modern technologies in the fields of scientific development, innovation, politics, & Governance

(25:27) - Knowledge transfer: Importance of the Translation Movement

(34:01) - What were some of the shortcomings or failures of Islamic rule in Spain, and how did they impact its legacy and relevance in modern times?

(38:31) - How can we apply the lessons of historical collaboration and coexistence between different peoples and faiths to address contemporary conflicts and tensions in the world?

(40:58) - Outro