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The Innovation Civilization podcast by Empasco features conversations with domain experts on the topics of civilizational progress, technology, history, philosophy and the first-principles of the ideas that shape our world.




Episode 04

Charles Fishman - 

In this episode, we talk with Charles Fishman, author of One Giant Leap : The impossible mission that flew us to the Moon, discussing on the transformative impact of the 1969 Apollo space mission here on Earth.  

Episode-3- CoverArt.jpeg

Episode 03

Vinay Gupta - 

In this episode, we talk with Vinay Gupta, CEO of Mattereum, on the history of money, the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, and its application for governments in developing markets. 


Episode 02

Dr. Anton Howes - 

In this episode, we talk with British historian and author, Dr.Anton Howes on how to create innovation ecosystems with a focus on 16th - 19th century Britain as a case-study

Episode 01

Pamir Sevincel

In this episode, we talk with Pamir Sevincel from UP Partners on the ontological dimension of ancient cities, solutions to the current urban transportation problems, and the future of cities in the sky.