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Human pathologists achieve 96% success rate in diagnosing cancer. Pathologists using Vision Processing reach 99.5% success rate.

Psychiatric appointments can take up to 25 days. Digital solutions allow mental health issues to be tackled instantaneously.

Digital technology could help us equalise the relationship between medical professionals and patients, significantly reduce price and efficiency of treatment and transform unsustainable healthcare systems into sustainable ones.

Technology could be the key to winning the battle against cancer, AIDS or Ebola – and result in healthier individuals living in healthier communities.


The ways technology can impact our health are endless. Artificial Intelligence uses image-based algorithms to create a new generation of radiology tools for problems like tumours. Augmented Reality changes the way surgeons work and teach by projecting digital information into existing environments.

World Positive Opportunities:

Augmented Surgery

New Generation of Tools

Wearables & Sensors

Tracking Health and Wellness Data

AI Diagnostics

Improvement Trough Vision Processing