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Over 14% of the global workforce is expected to change their occupational categories in the near future.

More than half of all “work tasks” will be capable of being carried out by machines by 2025 (over 75 million jobs).

As digital infrastructure evolves and digitisation, automation, and artificial intelligence change the face of work, companies are realising the importance of new organisational structures and employee engagement. 

In light of negative effects of commute on employee health and environment at large, coupled with significant improvements in video-conferencing, collaboration and task-management tools, rapid growth of remote work is inevitable. 

As more jobs are redesigned by technology, companies place more importance on existing employees learning new skills as their job function evolves. 


We believe this direction will lead to many World Positive outcomes, allowing workers to optimise their output and focus on more enjoyable aspects of work.

World Positive Opportunities:

Digital Education

Up-skilling and Re-skilling Platforms

Remote Work

Distributed Team Management


Robotic Process Automation